Blackwood Kindergarten

Welcome to Blackwood Kindergarten


Welcome to Blackwood Kindergarten

Welcome to Blackwood Kindergarten. We hope this website answers any questions you may have about our centre, however, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

"Our vision statement...
We are a supportive and inclusive community kindergarten inspiring an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. We encourage children to approach new challenges with confidence and creativity. We love our Natural Environment and understand the responsibility that we all share by living within it. We will observe what it does and learn from it, we will care for it and give back to it when we can. We will play with it and we will take only what we truly need from it."

Blackwood Nature Kindy - Learn More
Director Jade Pudney
Phone: +618 8278 3596
Fax: +618 8278 7263
Street Address: 11 Brigalow Avenue
Region Southern Adelaide

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